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Love is sharing – Alex et Estelle’s giving back motto

Welcome to our blog !

For our first post, we wanted to discuss how important philanthropy

is to us. We like to think of Alex et Estelle as a children’s online boutique with a purpose. Our love for children is the reason why we decided to embark on the journey of creating our own collection, it was therefore crucial for us since the very beginning to adopt a giving back philosophy.

Love is sharing – for every Alex et Estelle purchase you make, we are giving back to children in needs.

Our social/philanthropic implications will always be displayed on our website. We realize that we may not be able to move mountains as our company is just launching, but we think that little by little, we can bring smiles, love and hope to children thanks to your help and support.

Shopping with a purpose… doesn’t it make you want to spoil yourself a little more !?

To celebrate the new year, we have decided to partner with the Breakfast Club. Throughout winter, we will be contributing to this amazing cause by donating one breakfast for every purchase.

Stay tuned for more details !

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